Daniela Ziletti


Daniela ZilettiFor Daniela Ziletti create Millepiume, work in it, transform it is like giving shape to a mandàla, in which the artist projects emotions, ideas and inspirations.

Born the shores of Lake Iseo, it is an endless dress-masterpiece that unexpectedly interprate the male accessory par excellence through female hands. Thanks to the creativity of a woman, the tie from "noose" becomes the means to an extraordinary flight of Freedom. A phoenix rising every time more beautiful. Millepiume is a "creature", daughter of Daniela Ziletti's passion, imagination, sensitivity and creativity. From her volcanic mind takes piace the idea of ​​a dress-sculpture, a multiple color symbol, changing every time and always new in time. A monumental female dress, which rises every time like a phoenix from the ashes to dress new liveries and satisfy the mood of the artist, offering shades, drapes and symbolism gradually different. The heart of the work is the tie, ancient symbol of immense richness and elegance for the gentleman, today essence of a unique costume and sumptuous beauty made up by numbers of silk ties and other fine fabrics coming from all over the world and modelled by the inspiration and sensitivity of Daniela. Colorful neckties are the excuse for the imaginative creation of an unusual mosaic, to great effect. Millepiume is a riot of shapes and colors, temporary and impermanent. Everything in Millepiume, is made up by a tie: not only the bodice and the train but even infinite curls in the wig, flowers on the hat, the flakes of the dress, a necklace, the brooches ... Nothing is left to chance, nor model nor the "strokes" of color. Hours and hours, hundreds of painstaking work at the beginning with a needle and thread, engages mind and eyes, in the first drafts and in the selection, determined how grueling, of the individual ties, of their nuances, their designs ... That of Millepiume is endless flight of fantasy, of freedom, of sharing ... A slight fluttering dance that glorifies masculinity and femininity together, merged harmoniously in the poetry of a dress that is pure art, a masterpiece of delicate fingers, a mind inspired and a deep sensitivity.