Millepiume is a "creature"

a sculpture-dress, a multicolor symbol that changes every time and always new. It is a monumental woman's dress, which plays an eternal flowing in different ways,  according to the state of mind of the artist. this opera is made up of ties, ancient symbol of immense richness and elegance for the gentleman. Colorful ties of rich fabrics are the excuse for the imaginative creation of an unusual mosaic.


Millepiume is a blaze

of shapes and colors, transitional and impermanent.

Creating Millepiume is like giving shape to a "mandàla", in which the artist projects every mental evolution in the field of his creative imagination, exorcising the mind, which is free of all constraints, in order to create an evocative world of different sizes and colors.

In Millepiume the whirl of shapes and colors is infinite and leads the observer to a sense of harmonization of forms.

Millepiume reflects every time a structure of uniqueness: a visual and colored process that is perceived subjectively by each individual as a phenomenon external and internal.

The only vision of Millepiume creates in the mental continuum of observer a positive impression of and become a source of inspiration and encouragement to continue the path of life.

Millepiume is a symbol

As Mircea Eliade mentions "... the man who understands a symbol not only opens itself to the objective world, but at the same time he emerges from his personal situation and achieve a universal understanding. Thanks to the symbol, the individual experience is awakened and transmuted into a 'spiritual art’ ... ".
Daniela Ziletti: "Millepiume is an endless work, a starting point without a point of arrival, that puts me in a continuous inner rhythm of musicality, radiance and perception, that not only I centrate and relax me, but I project in the world of creativity and intuition, in a "game" timeless… The realization of Millepiume, is a bud that every time helps me to understand the flow of life, silencing the exhausting dialogue of inner voices, soothing anxiety and daily tensions and bringing me back to harmony, the naturalness and the rhythm of the heart, too often lost in the overall din... "